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Hello, I’m brazilian and work at CPFL. Until months ago I worked with another system for comercial solution for the company, but now was implemented a SAP CCS solution.
Henceforth, I will work on FI-CA. I know that is the very specific and don’t have much material for this. This way I want learn about FI for try understand about the subject.
If possible, send to me the material for reading and learning.

My Spanish is intermediate for reading, even with that dificulty, I’m sure that will be of great value.

thanks a lot

Hello Tiago, how are you?

Tell us more about you, this is your presentation :wink:

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brasil ??? por lo poquito que entiendo jajajajaja !!! no se si entendí bien pero habla de otra solución con la que trabajaba, cual solución sera ???

Creo que habla de SAP IS-U-CSS, eso sería: “IS-Utilities CCS (Customer Care & Service)” entendiendo “IS” por “solución de industria”. :wink:

+Info sobre SAP Utilities (in english) xD

jajajajaja pero el no dice que trabajaba con otra solución, que fue implantada sap hace poco, no ??? jajajajaja digo para saber si viene de otro sistema, saber cual !!

I’m system analyst, I have 15 years of experience in IT. I worked in industries, hospitals, softwarehouses and now I’m at CPFL, more specific, at one of group, localized in Rio Grande do Sul, called Rio grande Energia.
Here I worked with tecnologies like Oracle and PowerBuilder at comercial solution that is responsable for billing, invoicing and dunning, besides, work with solutions abaout mobile and BI.
In august 2015, the group finalized the migration of all companyes and the solution used is SAP IS-U. I helped with the migration for the legacy to SAP. That is why I want learn more about SAP.

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Exactly. The company have ECC, CRM, but billing, invoicing, dunning, print, occurs in CCS.

Before I worked with Open-SGC.

I forgot to mention that I have ABAP certification one year ago, but until this moment i never can put practice.

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Bienvenido a la comunidad Tiago!

which one is your first languages? This is a spanish comunity and most of us know how to speak english, despite of, I would like to know if you’re brasilian or belong to other country?
Welcome to this comunity :smile:

I’m brazilian, my native language is portuguese, I thought would be better understood in English.
If it is better I write in portuguese.

I can read Spanish, not very weel, but write nothing

best regards

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bueno aqui aprendemos ingles y tu español jajajajajaja !! yo la verdad para escribir ingles soy malo pero si lo leo casi completo jajaja !!! en lo que por aca podamos ayudarte, estaremos a la orden

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