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Soy Jander desde Brasil

Hola buenas tardes personal! Estoy disfrutando mucho el foro, actualmente funciona como ABAP completo con ECC 6, el apoyo ahora estoy migrando a Business One y quería ser ustedes me puede ayudar donde puedo encontrar una completa bussiness un curso para poner a disposición Estoy disponible si alguien necesita otra savia de material, podemos cambiar, soy de Brasil, aquí savia y alabanza. usted y un fuerte abrazo a todos gracias. jander

Hola @jander, si se te complica escribir en español, puedes hacerlo en ingles.

No me queda claro si eres actualmente consultor SAP ABAP, y ahora tu empresa cambia a SAP Business One. En ese caso, puedes explicarnos por qué hacen ese cambio?

Puedes tambien hablar más sobre tí? Tu perfil? Qué hacías antes de SAP?

its good to see your extra effort attempting to communicate we us. Might you try to write in english, because your spanish’s skills need more practice xD
We want to help you in a best way.

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thanks for answering my email! I have some difficulties in Spanish! Thanks for indicating the English! In the case here in Brazil migrating to sap b1 is being very fast! And the ECC is losing some strength to act more in great company. I worked in a large company dedicated to SAP ECC. With my output this company looking for a new replacement, the little interview with you for replacement are working with the sap b1. And I need a lot to learn the new sap b1, and finding the forum saw a light at the end of the tunnel and that big break and valuable the forum. I currently work as a developer abap to SAP ECC, but demand dropped sharply, as the sap b1 and a new tool must adapt myself to it. Many thanks to you guys for listening and responding thank you and a big hug.

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Interesting, SAP ECC is dropped sharply in Brazil, I didn’t know that. can you tell me a little more about the situation of SAP there. well about BSO or B1, here you will find several expert that are able to collaborate with you without any problem. If you need some book or if you have any questions, just throw away ^^

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and here seguimos practicando the english jajajaja !!

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Thank you! for your attention! The Sap in demand has fallen much by the crisis, since a large volume of different ERPS systems from SAP, and the crisis competitors are opting for faster and cheaper, one of the moments and SAP b1 option. Which is growing well within the crisis in Brazil.
So I’m upgrading to B1. The demands of abap much fell
ECC due to be in big companies that are in crisis and cutting.
If you can help me thank from the heart really want to quickly upgrade to B1, Here in Brazil we have little available materials and found this great forum and good people like you guys to help the next. Here and different culture and some individual passing recognition.

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surely laughs must always be updated! Growth and learning and all. hugs. jander